Getting pure & hygiene water has never been so easy for man kind!

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You don’t have to go pick up bottled water - we’ll bring it to you. Moya - The waterMan provides home and office delivery of bottled water.


Our Mission is to deliver pure water at the tap of a button.

Quenching someone’s thirst is the biggest virtue. This is where the packaged drinking water comes into the picture! It is always convenient to carry a bisleri water bottle when you are commuting or travelling or one can use bisleri water bottle at home, in case of contaminated water. Water, is considered to be life, and is also a cause of several diseases when contaminated.

Our Mission

MOYA - The waterman is committed to achieving growth and providing customers with the safest, highest-quality, and most attractive products in the industry. We will achieve these goals by maintaining our high standard of integrity, by listening to and valuing our customers, and by dedicating ourselves to the principles of service and responsibility.


  • Suppliers not delivering the order on time.
  • Distributors running out of stock.
  • Payments from customers not reaching you on time.
  • Accounts not tallying
  • Too many orders.
  • Difficulty in managing your stocks and delivery


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order water online, hassle free. No worries if the supplier will take your call.
Sit back and Relax, Track Your Order without having pain to keep calling the supplier.
No worries of payments. You can view all payments made to the supplier.

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The choice is yours with a wide selection of refreshing bottled water options.


We deliver customer service that's as refreshing as our water.

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